S_Piel+FirmeCollagen is the main factor for the skin to obtain and maintain its structure and strength. So always have sought medicines or methods that produce or strengthen collagen formation, and allow the skin to be back elasticity and smoothness of youth.

This procedure is done with a machine that works by stimulating the formation of collagen skin contracting, for added strength, lifting and reversing the damage caused by cellulite and sagging caused by age, pregnancies, decrease the weight of heritage.

It can be applied in any area: face, neck, arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The aim of this technology is to treat the problems of sagging when just beginning, to avoid the need for a more aggressive. It is also used in more advanced cases of sagging, when the patient is unable or unwilling to use alternatives such as suspension wires (Russians, Brazilian etc.)

Skin Treatment + firm makes this machine a very simple; requires no preparation or aftercare. Is outpatient, not require anesthesia, it is not painful; only feels warmth when moving the handpiece. After every session the patient can perform their daily activities without restrictions.

The time required for each session is 30 minutes aréa; recommended three sessions or more, with monthly intervals each.

Even not predictable duration of firmness after treatment, because it is a very new technology. However, it is recommended that after two years or more, if necessary, apply one or more sessions as routine maintenance.