S_MicrodermoMicrodermabrasion can be done in the face or other body areas, in order to improve scarring, wrinkles and blemishes, giving a more youthful and normal to the treated skin.

To perform the procedure using a micro machine with diamond-shaped areas, through which removes unwanted tissue and sucks, leaving healthier skin, Regular and unblemished. microdermabrasion The benefit is significant and results are seen from the first session improves skin imperfections in minutes, immediately being able to appreciate a smoother skin and clean.

The results become more present as the sessions progress, which should be repeated at intervals of 15 a 30 days, to get the maximum result. This procedure is done in the office and requires no anesthesia. The patient only gets to feel a slight burning, muy tolerable. After each session 30 minutes less, care recommended sun and apply sunscreen to 3 times daily, for the time required. Is fully ambulatory treatment; so the patient can continue with your work and social life without any problem or disability, except that it will look much better. For this procedure does not require preparation or previous tests; only required for a valuation prior consultation.