S_HilosRusosCommonly help keep cheeks suspended, thereby soften or eliminate the grooves on the sides of the nose and mouth. They are also used to raise eyebrows and a little neck.

Although they are of different shapes and thicknesses, The principle of these threads is the same: have a small or micro barbed spikes, pointing opposite to the direction in which the thread. As happens with harpoons, once introduced, is very hard to reverse.

The wires are inserted under the skin, so as to engage the soft tissue and thus can be suspended or tighten the parts falling or flaccid, thereby significantly improves the appearance of the face, tissue to recover from the stress effect juvenile.

Application of Russian threads is an outpatient procedure, simple and easy. It is performed under local anesthesia. no scars and causes minimal discomfort. After completing the procedure, This may be a slight edema at the site of application, which will disappear over a period of three to cuartro days.

Russian threads can be applied to any age, if the patient is a good candidate from the aesthetic viewpoint. The beneficial effect of the Russian threads lasts approximately five years, although one patient to another, period varies.

The application thread does not contraindicate any other procedure in the same area in the future. E.g., if the patient later required facial surgery, this could be done without problem.

It is recommended that the patient discontinue some essential habits and treatments, as: Natural Treatments, smoking and aspirin, well as certain antidepressants, vitamin E, Gingko biloba, etc., because some of its components may interfere with anesthesia or complicate surgery and the good performance of the procedure.