S_DepilacionPermanenteAt once, You will look beautiful, radiant and presentable at all times and anywhere; even newly erected or in the demanding conditions of the beach.

The delineation is made with hypoallergenic pigments, to avoid possible allergic reactions, making this a very safe procedure. In a regular, this treatment is carried out under local anesthesia and mild sedation.

He always asks the patient delineation day come to the clinic, painted with pencils usually, to allow us to observe the color, shape and thickness of the lines of your choice, so that we serve as a guide to achieve the result closest to your personal taste.

It is common that after the delineation is much heavier observe the color, and a different thickness than planned. Do not worry; this is due to transient and producing a slight edema, as a result of applying a little more paint than necessary, anticipating that over the course of days or months it will fall or be reabsorbed partially, until you reach the desired color and shape.

It is important to note that sometimes the body absorbs and eliminates, more than usual, the pigment applied. This implies that in a period of between three and six months is required or correction retouching, that is not covered in the original budget. It is also possible and unpredictable (although only rarely happens) that the delineated take a slightly different planned, since some skins can react differently.

For this procedure does not require preparation or previous tests; only required that the patient is healthy. It is important to find out if you have a disorder that would contraindicate the application of pigments.

It is recommended that this fasting patient, when the appointment to apply it in the morning delineated. If it's afternoon, be submitted without eating. After completing the delineated, it is advisable to apply ice for one or two days in the treated area, to clear more quickly the slight edema. Avoid exertion for a week.