This treatment acts primarily in the wrinkles around the eyes known, as “crow's feet”; the eyebrows, in facial wrinkles and some small wrinkles on lips. Can also be applied to raise the eyebrows and corners of the mouth. Additionally, in some cases it has been seen that disminute, and has even come to abolish, migraine headaches.

The Botox, like many other drugs (antibiotics, e.g.) is derived from a substance produced by a microbe. This inhibits movement of the muscle where applicable, to avoid the pattern of gestures that cause wrinkles. Microgram doses are applied; hence its application is absolutely safe.

There are some false beliefs. E.g., has come to believe that if applied Botox and then stop using, immediately return arrugarse, and more severely than it was before treatment. It is a mistake to suppose, Botox because it acts directly on the small muscles not to skin , preventing them from moving, so that they recover their normal movement when the action terminates.

Another mistaken belief is that Botox is dangerous, because it could paralyze the entire body. The truth is, for the Botox was risky, should apply approximately 200 in a single dose vials, which is not only absurd but impossible in a treatment.

It is also believed, mistakenly, Botox that leaves a blank face. This depends on the amount and sites where it is used. Its proper application and adequate doses invariably produce a youthful and natural, with smooth. The treatment avoids reaching complete immobility micro muscles.

After applying the Botox, its action is beginning to show about the third day. The effect lasts about six months, although its effects can range from three to eight months.

The treatment is applied in the clinic, for about one minute without previous tests, tniendo but require that the patient is healthy and has no diseases that may contraindicate the use.

Freshly applied, it is recommended only for the first day- not exercising, no makeup bedtime and during the first four hours.

It is recommended that at the conclusion of the effect of Botox is applied again, to retain their beneficial effects.