After applying the treatment to increase volume, You will immediately see the desired change: will look more youthful and natural beauty. With the advantage of the method: immediate results, with a quick and simple application, since this procedure allows for increased lip volume, cheeks and chin, in order to produce smooth filling and parts of the face to improve the harmony and aesthetics of it, this is obtained by smoothing or furrows and wrinkles fade the skin, with a fresh and youthful appearance, Absorbable materials currently used such as hyaluronic acid, hydroxyapatite and others, and non-absorbable materials such as acrylic doctor, medical silicone, inter alia. When choosing the product you should consider it to be of natural origin, to avoid the risk of allergy or side effects. It must also be ensured that the material chosen to produce an immediate result and will remain in effect for months.

To choose the right product in each case is done a thorough prior assessment and individualized, local anesthesia for placement for the application of material is used to provide volume and greater patient comfort, application duration is short, about 20 minutes, thus being a fully ambulatory, so that the patient can return to her social and professional life, as recommendation calls for the patient after the procedure do not major efforts on the application and use the placement of cold in the treated area to reduce and prevent inflammation that could ever occur.