S_LiftingFacialThe areas for improvement are: neck, dewlap, cheeks, eye lids, eyebrows and nose.

Although some people skin and muscle tissues yield simultaneously in all the areas mentioned, in others it may be more pronounced fall only in some; e.g., may fall over the cheeks to the chin, or vice versa.

Hence, when doing facelift, it acts only in the regions that need it. E.g., can be corrected only eyebrows and eyelids, or cheeks and neck, or Mariz only, etc. In any case there will be an assessment of the patient, to determine which areas require attention.

Cutting skin and repositioning the muscles of the face are performed through small incisions. When making cheeks and neck surgery, these incisions are made at the edge of the ear with the cheek, or under the hair, to conceal. When surgery is eyelid and eyebrow, incisions are made in the folds of these, to make them less visible.

During the first week the patient will notice a swollen face and moderate pain, to decrease progressively. The final results will appreciate in a period of between one and three months.

The facelift is done with local anesthesia and sedation. It is advisable to stay overnight in the clinic and register the next day.

This analysis requires preoperative plastic surgery and the development of a clinical history, to identify conditions or allergies.

It is recommended that the patient discontinue some essential habits and treatments, as: Natural Treatments, smoking and aspirin, well as certain antidepressants, vitamin E, Gingko biloba, etc., because some of its components may interfere with anesthesia or complicate surgery and the good performance of the procedure.