S_ImplanteCabelloThe hair becomes implanted in all people who for whatever reason have lost. It is done with the patient's hair, so it must have good health, besides hair retain sufficient good quality and at the top and sides of the head.

The procedure involves taking hair from the sides and back of the head by means of a long strip, where units are taken to implement them in places where missing, placing one, two or three hairs individually, for Natural noticeable scar and not observe any.

Treatment is fully ambulatory; is made under local anesthesia and sedation.

It is important to consider that what is implemented is the root of the hair. At first only notice small scabs, which fall in the course of seven to 10 days, leaving the area clean. Then begin to grow hair over a period of three to six months.

The application is very safe hair, and the result highly satisfactory. It may require more than one session of implant, depending on the area to be covered. E.g., if the bald area is very amp, may be required two to three sessions to coat or become more areas with higher density. These sessions can be made at intervals of six months or more.

Generally, This procedure prevents imnplante not continue with normal activities, although we must avoid exceptional efforts and direct sunlight, for a period of three to four weeks.

This analysis requires preoperative plastic surgery and the development of a clinical history, to identify conditions or allergies.

It is recommended that the patient discontinue some essential habits and treatments, as: Natural Treatments, smoking and aspirin, well as certain antidepressants, vitamin E, Gingko biloba, etc., because some of its components may interfere with anesthesia or complicate surgery and the good performance of the procedure.