S_AumentoMamarioA great advantage of this surgery from the first consultation is possible to predict and evaluate the expected change, This computer through software and special molds that emulate the desired volume approximately. So, the patient can see with great precision the result you will get from this change.

We have several types of breast implants, which is individually characterized by its shape and texture mainly, this depends on the patient's personal desires as to the result to be obtained.

The medical material breast prosthesis are made of a material called silicone which is an inert and highly stable polymer considered.

The route of entry of the prosthesis is usually the areola, but can also be the armpit or the fold (below the breast). The patient chooses the path of your choice.

There are three options to choose where to place the prosthesis: Muscle back, back of the mammary gland, between muscle or subfascial plane (anterior muscle sheath) . The latter is the most recommended, that produces minimal discomfort and offer more appropriate aesthetic results.

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, so that the patient can go home, hours after the prosthesis placed.

Recovery is quick and requires considered relative rest. It is recommended that during the first week, the patient no efforts. Body movements should be done slowly and during the month after the operation, no impact exercise and a lot of effort.

It is also recommended that during the first month, the patient does not worry about the size or shape of your breast, at that time will be modified to be, ultimately, as seen when tested volume before surgery.

This analysis requires preoperative plastic surgery and the development of a clinical history, to identify conditions or allergies.

It is recommended that the patient discontinue some essential habits and treatments, as: Natural Treatments, smoking and aspirin, well as certain antidepressants, vitamin E, Gingko biloba, etc., because some of its components may interfere with anesthesia or complicate surgery and the good performance of the procedure.