S_AumentoGluteosThere are three options for this treatment:

a) application of a prosthesis

b) application own body fat (lipoinyección)

c) applying hydrophilic acrylic


Rising through graft is performed by applying in a silicone buttocks, very strong cohesive, making them virtually unbreakable and safe. Pouches, that are specially shaped to better contribute to Figure, are inserted through a small incision in the gluteal fold, so imperceptible scar.

Another method to increase the size of the buttocks is lipoinjection. This involves removing fat from other areas and injected into the buttocks. Thus is achieved the volume and shape suitable.

A third method, latest, application consisting of hydrophilic acrylic. This new material provides good results, preventing surgical procedures, as it applies like a shot.

Silicone prostheses and acrylic, practically last a lifetime. The same is true of the fat, only on rare occasions it can be reabsorbed by the body, partially or completely and consequently, detract from the result of the proceeding. Should this happen, should be made to the application or application acrylic prosthesis.

Whichever method you choose, the patient, in each case the volume will be determined by valuing its constitution.

Any of these procedures can be done using epidural block or, if the patient prefers, with general anesthesia.

Usually discharged the day after the operation. The recovery period is seven to ten days.

This surgical procedure requires preoperative analysis and development of a clinical history, to identify conditions or allergies.

It is recommended that the patient discontinue some essential habits and treatments, as: Natural Treatments, smoking and aspirin, well as certain antidepressants, vitamin E, gingko biloba, inter alia, because some of its components may interfere with anesthesia or complicate surgery and the good performance of the procedure.